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iStunt 2 is an exhilarating snowboarding game that will defy your sense of gravity. With its tilt-controlled gameplay and 2D arcade style, this game takes you on a thrilling adventure through gravity-defying courses.

The simplistic stick-like graphics of iStunt 2 perfectly complement the gameplay mechanics. Your objective is to tilt your device to keep your snowboarder upright and perform incredible tricks in mid-air. You can also use touch controls for board grabs, crouching, and jumps to enhance your performance. While grabs are optional, crouches and grabs are sometimes necessary to conquer the challenging courses.

Prepare yourself for mind-blowing courses in iStunt 2. Alongside massive jumps, you'll encounter gravity reverse switches and even zero gravity zones. These unique elements add a touch of unpredictability to the game, although some designs may not always hit the mark, relying too heavily on gimmicks rather than delivering pure fun and speed.

When you fail a course, iStunt 2 conveniently returns you to a checkpoint. However, the placement of these checkpoints can be quite random, resulting in some particularly challenging and lengthy sections that require you to complete them in one go.

iStunt 2 is available as a free game, with the option to upgrade to the full version. The upgrade prompts are occasional and not overly intrusive, allowing you to enjoy the game without constant interruptions.

While iStunt 2 provides entertainment for a while, it may not offer the depth and complexity that some players seek. Nevertheless, its addictive gameplay and gravity-defying stunts can still provide hours of fun and excitement.

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